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What is Venture Studio

Next Ventures is our Venture Studio arm, it is a dynamic, cross-functional division, whereby entrepreneurs and business leaders have the ability to collaborate in a close-knit environment.

One of our core value propositions in the venture studio is having access to all the resources, assets, and experts in the field needed to set up a solid foundation for the startup projects. This results in reducing the time taken to build out startups, and significantly reducing the risk profile of entrepreneurs looking for a higher success rate.

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The Venture Studio provides founders with a wide range of services to fast-track the development of new business.

Attract Talent

We place great emphasis on the demand for talent in the region, believing in offering flexibility and leading with compassion. Our focus is directed at building an environment where people are given opportunities to learn new skills and take on new challenges whilst advancing their skill sets.

Economic growth

Unlock growth by creating value for businesses by involving exceptional talents and environmental conditions as a pull factor for KSA by communicating success in foreign countries to attract further industry leaders and capital with easy market access.

Environment & framework

Create a leading Ecosystem for digital solutions services by offering a physical space for innovation based on a transparent regulation and showcasing the outcomes to build network effects for investors and founders.

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We are MIS Forward, an investment and technology company based in Saudi Arabia that helps clients nurture bold ideas and build innovative technology solutions.

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