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Dr. Abdullah Alghamdi
CEO of MIS Forward

CEO Message

During the last decade the data, information, and innovative creative ideas have proven to be the most valuable investment commodity. Many start-up companies have achieved great breakthroughs in their investment returns and huge profits were recorded in financial market IPOs when they were put up for trading.

For this reason, we realized the unique investment opportunity that we possess, especially as it aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. It is the strongest driver for the future of economic growth. It creates the ideal environment for launching creative ideas and an incubator for out-of-the-box projects and creative initiatives.

MIS Forward walks step by step with KSA’s Vision 2030 of achieving growth in all sectors in the region. It was founded to be the complementing arm of the capabilities of the parent company “Al Moammar Information Systems MIS” in investing its long-standing as one of the first-level integrated system solutions providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the great confidence it has with investors, funds, and leading institutions, MIS became the leading developer for IT applications, solutions, and the largest smart digital platforms in the region.

In addition to extending information networks and building data centers and electronic systems carried out by the parent company, MIS Forward will build pioneering platforms and applications in several fields, and provide new electronic tools enhanced with unprecedented ideas, creating a new era for the digital and information economy across the Kingdom and the region as a whole. Saudi Arabia is the driving force of the economy in the Middle East, and one of the most important major economic powers in the world. Its economic and social impact extends directly across the Arab and Islamic world, and beyond them reaching the other economic and trade regions in the world.

We are MIS Forward, an investment and technology company based in Saudi Arabia that helps clients nurture bold ideas and build innovative technology solutions.

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