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Who we are

We are MIS Forward, a technology company based in Saudi Arabia that helps clients nurture bold ideas and build innovative technology solutions. MIS Forward offers its expertise derived from its employees with long experience in managing such businesses, technical strength and a great experience for Al Moammar Information Systems (MIS) more than 40 years in the development of technologies and digital integration.

In partnership with our strategic partners with extensive experience, MIS Forward offers to work together to develop leading-edge platforms and products, with a mission to embrace prosperity and invest in new technologies such as finance, healthcare, insurance and end-to-end platforms and create momentum and acceleration for forward-thinking companies.

Why MIS Forward

With our proven achievements in leading the market by providing professional IT solutions and services, MIS displays its ability to lead the innovation in the region. MIS Forward which is a subsidiary of MIS, was launched with the goal of nurturing innovative ideas in their early stages and supporting them through their lifecycle.

MIS Forward has access to all resources of the MIS group, which gives it a solid foundation to function as the best well-established incubator for all kinds of ideas and out-of-the-box projects. More entrepreneurs and investors are partnering with us due to the increased trust gained by successfully launching some of the most successful start-ups in the region, such as our Venture Studio, Buy Now Pay Later, Marketplace and Open Banking solution.


MIS Forward incubates and invests in internet and technology companies within the region. The company provides operational support and capital to entrepreneurs and helps them build market-leading companies. It works with world-class entrepreneurs to turn the best ideas into market-defining, venture-funded companies with rapid customer adoption.

Vision and Goals

To empower and enrich founders in their path of building the next generation of world-changing companies is the vision that MIS Forward strives to achieve.

Based on our experience that extends over decades, our goal is to be the leading company in building distinguished projects and enabling innovators and entrepreneurs in transforming innovative ideas into successful start-ups with winning investments.

Our core success formula is driven by our deep understanding of our customers' success and the growing impact it will add to the kingdom. By empowering our customers with the needed knowledge and expertise, and the commitment to assist our customers into excellence we create an environment full of passion and innovation. Integrity and transparency as well as our people, who are the most valuable asset, all are vital keys in our success formula.

We provide a fully integrated platform for incubating innovative ideas and accelerating the establishment of companies to be capable of achieving steady growth and expansion in the high-value and high-return business sector.

We are MIS Forward, an investment and technology company based in Saudi Arabia that helps clients nurture bold ideas and build innovative technology solutions.

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